Want more $1K, $5K, $10K, & even $25K sales WITHOUT ever jumping on the phone?

"Now You Can Borrow My PROVEN Team Of Closers To Sell YOUR High Ticket Products Or Services With ZERO Out Of Pocket Costs!"

A Done For you "Commission Only" Sales Team Solution!

"From $0 to significant amount of sales in 3-months"

Does This Sound Like You?


"Yes, I have a lead source..."

If you have a steady flow of qualified leads we can help you close more high ticket sales.


Does This Sound Like You?"Yes, I have a $500+ offer..."

Our specialty is helping product owners and service providers close more $1K to $25K deals.!


"I'm just too busy..."

Stress not! We pitch & close your high ticket offers over the phone. Closing 4 to 5-figure deals is our specialty. You keep the leads fresh, we'll keep the cash flowing!


"Don't pay a dime upfront..."

There's $0 out of pocket expenses. You simply cut us a check based on performance. Meaning, we don't get paid on commission.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Absolutely NOT. We 100% represent your brand start to finish. For example, when a inbound lead calls we answer the phone: "Thank you for calling YourBrand.com, how can we help you?"

For outbound calls we answer the phone: "Hey Mr. Doe, it's Sean from YourBrand.com." Then we go into the pitch.

A. The answer is absolutely not!

We are bound by contract to protect our partners leads and client information.

Our closers on staff CAN see each leads information, such as, name, phone numbers, purchase history, and notes. Our closers only have the information needed (and not they CANNOT export your leads).

Rest easy knowing we understand the value of your leads and we spare no expense keeping your information safe.

A. The answer is no. If you're looking for a drone to read a script and go through the motions let me save you some time. Go to Upwork.com or Fiverr.com and hire someone for $10 an hour.

Sure you'll get some action but good luck with that person smashing an objection or turning a no into a yes let alone getting the credit card number and closing the deal.

My team will learn your offer, the story behind your offer, craft a pitch, and close deals. Unfortunately there's no "magic" script for every lead. Every lead is unique, thus, the pitch as to be tweaked for every lead.

A. Tough question but the truth is, certain people get upset when they're being pitched. It's just a fact of sales... 99% of leads will listen to the pitch and offer but there's always that 1% you cannot please.

A. Simple, we reassure them of your brand and tell them to have a nice day!

Tip: It works like a champ!

A. For obvious reasons, we run orders under each partners respective merchant. There are exceptions to the rules but the standard is to use each partner's merchant for their products.

A. It's no secret, buyers remorse is a real issue! In several decades of phone sales, trust me when I say, "we've seen it all".

It's for this reason:

To protect our partners, ourselves, and to be 100% transparent with everyone involved.

We require each customer to sign a document that states exactly what they're buying, thus, everything is on the up and up!

As a result, we rarely (and I mean rarely) get or lose a chargeback.

A. Click the orange button below and fill out the form, email me: Sean[at]CommissionOnlyClosers.com, or call/text me directly at (702)308-0401.

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